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Camille Sacco & Jasmine Alam, PhD
Camille Sacco is an American Institute of Health Care Professionals certified Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Instructor and a graduate of the acclaimed Palouse Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. She leads classes and workshops on mindful meditations and her coaching sessions are infused with down-to-earth guidance. Participants say she is both informative and fun in her approach.
My goal is to help people tap into the wisdom of their soul by cultivating daily practices that will inspire confidence in the pursuit of living their lives with a higher purpose.”
As a strong believer in the power of mindfulness, Jasmine Alam, PhD is passionate about communicating how practicing mindfulness regularly can lead to a more positive and healthy lifestyle. She sums it up this way:
“I think mindfulness is so powerful; for me, it’s been a lifeline. Imagine how many people can benefit from this.”
Jasmine Alam Ph.D. is a writer, educator and public speaker, who facilitates workshops on mindful leadership and mindfulness in the workplace.
She is an Assistant Professor of Management, a member of the Social Policy Research Network in Canada, and has published several articles in the areas of leadership and management. With ten years of experience in both academia and the private sector, Jasmine has won several awards for her research and teaching. She attributes much of her success to practicing mindfulness.
Camille Sacco
Jasmine Alam
Illuminate Your Workplace by Tuning In to Mindfulness
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meditations and more info
Written and compiled by two women authors, who have direct experience in business, teaching and people management, Firefly Culture is intended to be a personal development and empowerment experience suited for professional environments. It is a highly effective, proven and practical way of introducing mindfulness in the workplace.
Learn how to apply techniques of:
• Mindfulness
• Meditation
• A Positive Mindset, and more.
Firefly Culture will inspire, motivate and empower your team members in the workplace.

Based on the principals from the highly successful Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, learn to improve your decision-making and communication skills, develop clarity of purpose, and cultivate authentic, innovation and compassionate leadership skills.
ISBN 9781942497486
Ebook: 9781942497493
Distributor: Ingram
What Readers Have to Say
“Having spent most of my adult life working in corporate America, I have spent years focused on my income, my status and maintaining my position on the corporate ladder. Since beginning my journey to mindfulness and reading Firefly Culture, I have been able to change my focus.
     “Using the practices learned in Firefly Culture and going back to the book when I get distracted, I feel I am on my way to being a more mindful, peaceful and compassionate person in all aspects of my life.” —Francine Llerena, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer. Rockledge, FL
“From Hippiebanker to Firefly Culture, Camille has taken mindfulness to an entirely different level. Working in the corporate world, maintaining and managing sales plans and employees, all while having a balanced personal life can be hard to conquer. However, Firefly Culture is a reminder and way to grow and heal, personally and professionally. Bravo!—Josh Wendt, Sales & Education Market Manager, Estče Lauder, Orlando, FL
“This was a very interesting read! I love all the positive ideas at the workplace. That is so needed in most every job I know of, especially ours!” —Kim Jackson and Karen DeLeo, Owners of The Title Station, Melbourne, FL
“When I was employed by a company, I used to wish that my boss had been more understanding, fair and mindful of his employees. Now that I am the president of my own company and after reading Firefly Culture, I understand, practice and encourage mindfulness. This amazing book gave me the tools to implement mindfulness in the workplace. It has created a very positive work environment, improved well being, decreased stress levels and it has boosted productivity.” —Inevett Hahn, President of Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc., Winter Park, FL
A wonderful book that gives us the tools to live a reflective and productive life. Very interesting and enlightening read. “—Tina Galvin, Electrical Designer, Sparta, NJ
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